Turf Grass Congress 2023

Gabino Carballo

Position: Landscape  Architect
Categories: Speakers

Conference “Sustainability in urban gardens: design and management”
Friday 21st at 12.30h

Gabino Carballo is a Landscape Architect, a Project Manager and an Artist working in he field of biodiversity and nature based solutions. He is a member of the AEPJP board, where he is responsible for Communication and International relations.

He is also been recently appointed to the WUP board. He is the author of several articles and publications and teaches regularly and various academics institutions. He has worked for 17 years at Barcelona’s Parks and Gardens Department where he has specialized in the naturalization of public spaces, and the design and management of sustainable drainage systems and green roofs, amongst other nature based solutions.

He is currently enrolled in an Environmental Agrobiology Master at the Universitat de Barcelona where he is researching invasive plants potential for bioenergy production.