Turf Grass Congress 2023

Sylvain Duval

Position: Director of Agronomy at Turfgrass Agronomy & Services
Categories: Speakers

Conference “USGA Greens method of construction. Full review and explanation including historical information”
Thursday 20th at 17:00h

Sylvain Duval is a former Golf Course Superintendent/Head of Agronomy that has worked in France, England, Italy and Spain before offering independent Turfgrass Agronomy Services. Sylvain has an extensive experience in Turfgrass Agronomy, project development and management at the highest level of quality.

Co-founder of Turfgrass Agronomy & Services (T.A.S) with Alejandro Reyes, we also provide irrigation design & audit services and we are surrounded by a team of 10 experts and specialists to cover all aspects of the business and provide a full range of services. We currently have 80 clients in 25 different countries.